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Aditya Birla Group Scholarship

The ABGS package
The Aditya Birla Group Scholarship covers the academic fees as well as the hostel fees for the duration of the course, commencing with the academic session of the first year.The value of the scholarship for various institutions is as under:

Rs 1,75,000 per annum
IIT / BITS (Pilani):
Rs 65,000 per annumSince the scholarship covers the entire course, scholars are entitled to a refund of any amounts they may have paid to their institute, prior to the commencement of the scholarship.The scholarship funds are administered by the dean/director of the institution. All funds are sent directly to them for appropriate disbursal.The performance of the scholars is monitored closely for renewal of the award every year. Performance assessment criteria for the renewal of the scholarshipThe Aditya Birla Scholars are assessed regularly on qualitative and quantitative parameters to judge their performance on the academic and leadership front. This assessment forms the basis for determining the continuation of the scholarship for the next academic session.For the IIMs, the assessment is done once in a one-year time frame.For the IITs and for BITS (Pilani), the assessment is done thrice in a three-year time frame.

Assessment criteria:
Scholastic standards: The scholar must be in the top 25 per cent of students in his/her batch
Work done by the scholar during the course of the programme: At least 60 per cent of the assignments must have a rating of at least 7 on a 9-point scale

Practical work-related experiences of the scholar: Summer project must have a rating of at least 7 on a 9-point scale

Participation in campus activities: Active participation in a minimum of two forums on campus
Learning: Scholar has to write a 350-word essay on "Being an Aditya Birla scholar: experience sharing"

NB: The documents for the performance measurement have to be submitted by the scholar and certified by the academic dean at the institute. The assessment will be based on overall performance in all areas. No single factor will be a major determinant.



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